Medical Safety Systems / RxMx People 

Medical Safety Systems/RxMx team of healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical specialists is uniquely positioned to deliver a suite of innovative solutions to physicians, patients and industry.

Rick Thompson <br>Head of IT

Rick Thompson
Head of IT

Rick Thompson brings extensive technical expertise to Medical Safety Systems/RxMx, where he manages both IT infrastructure and the MSS software development team. He helps develop novel technologies that assist in the delivery of health research and patient care. Rick’s hands on approach to IT leadership at MSS drives the seamless integration of our software platforms with existing health systems, particularly in the Pathology and eMR space.

David Gahan<br>General Manager/ Director

David Gahan
General Manager/ Director

David Gahan has over 10 years experience in pharmaceutical sales and marketing and heads both operations and commercial development for Medical Safety Systems/RxMx. He has driven the introduction and success of blockbuster drugs and is responsible for developing brand plans that cross borders and have been adopted internationally.

Fiona Fitzgerald<br>Senior Nurse Consultant

Fiona Fitzgerald
Senior Nurse Consultant

Fiona Fitzgerald is the Nurse Team Leader at Medical Safety Systems/RxMx. She brings a depth of knowledge and experience to the management of patient monitoring and support programs. Her interest is identifying areas to improve web-based support programs for healthcare professionals and patients; and the provision of targeted healthcare training and educational support.

Emily Daley<br>Nurse Consultant

Emily Daley
Nurse Consultant

Emily Daley brings clinical experience in both child and adult healthcare. She has a special interest in the provision of state-of-the-art patient support both through a mix of strong relationships and digital aids to ensure the safe use of medicines and high delivery of care.

Kee Woon Bong
Marketing Coordinator

Kee Woon Bong is an integral part of the support system provided by Medical Safety Systems/RxMx. She has over 14 years of marketing and project management experience and extensive exposure to the adoption of pharmaceutical brand strategy, with particular expertise in rare diseases.

Medical Safety Systems / RxMx Consultants 

Associate Professor<br>Stephen Reddel <br>Co-founder & Consultant

Associate Professor
Stephen Reddel
Co-founder & Consultant

Stephen Reddel is a clinical neurologist and specialist in the safe treatment of neurological conditions requiring immunotherapy. His clinic is seen as a leader in safely treating complex neuroimmunological conditions, attracting patients across the entire Asia Pacific region.

Associate Professor<br>Sean Riminton <br>Co-founder & Consultant

Associate Professor
Sean Riminton
Co-founder & Consultant

Sean Riminton is a clinical immunologist and immunopathologist with a deep interest in immune intervention therapies in a wide range of human diseases. He established a web-based international program to improve the safety of immunosuppressive therapy and designed and implemented a web-based register of primary immunodeficiency diseases.

Associate Professor<br>Michael Barnett <br>Co-founder & Consultant

Associate Professor
Michael Barnett
Co-founder & Consultant

Michael Barnett is a consultant neurologist with expertise in clinical neuroimmunology and clinical research. He is the Director of the multidisciplinary MS Society Clinic and the MS Clinical Trials Unit at Sydney’s Brain & Mind Centre; and research Director of the Sydney Neuroimaging Analysis Centre. His research is at the forefront of identifying imaging and electrophysiological biomarkers of the integrity of myelin and nerve fibres in MS and other disorders of the brain.

Heinz Wiendl<br>Consultant

Heinz Wiendl

Heinz Wiendl is a translational neurologist with more than 20 years of experience in Neuroimmunology and Multiple Sclerosis (MS). His research has been focused on mechanism of immune regulation and immune surveillance, as well as biomarkers and biosignatures related to immune therapy and its adverse effects. Heinz Wiendl co-founded the national and international research networks, (German Competence Network of MS, transregional centre grant for MS, TR128) and is PI of an excellence cluster ’cells in motion’. He is the chair of the Department of Neurology at the Muenster University, Germany, and his achievements have been recognised by several awards (e.g. the SOBEK award for MS research).