MSS win Global Pharma Innovation Award

The BLOODWATCH Lemtrada Monitoring Service, a state of the art patient management system, has won global recognition for both its innovative approach to patient care and its use of automation in managing multiple sclerosis patients in Australia. Created by Australian start-up Medical Safety Systems (MSS), Bloodwatch supports patients and health care professionals by automating key aspects of risk management of Lemtrada.

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Physician burnout: is there an antidote?

Something is rotten in the workplace for front-line physicians. Physician burnout is reaching record rates, driven by burdensome systems that define the healthcare workplace. This issue is so significant that the opening presidential address at the American Academy of Neurology meeting in Boston last month focussed on physician burnout over and above all other challenges in the field.

Burnout describes a state of emotional exhaustion, combined with erosion of meaning and a sense of low personal accomplishment and control. The consequences are serious: poor work life balance, mental health issues and ultimately withdrawal from practice. Current estimates suggest that the prevalence of burnout among practising physicians in the United States is more than 50% (Shanafelt et al, JAMA March 2017).

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RxMx debuts in US with flagship Digital Risk Management platform for complex medicines

RxMx Inc, the New York based affiliate of Australian-based innovation company Medical Safety Systems (MSS), today rolled out its flagship digital health product, RiskMx, in the US.

MSS was founded in 2012 by a team of four specialist physicians who recognized the need for automation in laboratory monitoring to enhance the safe delivery of complex medicines, while minimizing the burden on physicians and patients. Initially supporting a pilot study of only 10 subjects, MSS’s digital platforms now support large multi-national patient populations with a range of chronic conditions.

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Medical Safety Systems announces establishment of US affiliate, RxMx Inc.

Medical Safety Systems, an Australian-based innovation company specialized in digital health solutions, today announced the establishment of RxMx Inc., its US affiliate. RxMx provides integrated digital systems to enhance medicine safety for patients, physicians and the pharmaceutical industry.

RxMx provides the same services as its parent company within the US regulatory framework. Its platforms use automated technologies to bridge the gap between pharmaceuticals and real-world risk mitigation; to deliver enhanced, efficient patient support programs; and to manage integrated patient reported outcome studies. Each RxMx product is tailor-made to support unmet needs for individual drug therapies.

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Capturing real-world patient data – the next frontier for physicians, pharma and regulators

Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) critically inform physicians, pharmaceutical companies and health policy makers about disease, management practice and therapeutic choice. Now algorithms and smartphone technology can make these data available in real time, transforming the importance and value of PROs in both clinical practice and post-marketing Phase 4 clinical trials.

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Conquering the ‘Holy Grail’ – Medicine Adherence

While access to services is often quoted as the major determinant of health outcomes, poor adherence to medicines and their associated monitoring requirements is a major obstacle impacting the delivery of quality medical care. More than half of the people living with chronic disease do not follow their treatment recommendations to the letter.

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