A Fully Automated PRO Platform

Developed For Phase IV Clinical Trials

MOD or MObile Data ePRO platforms are specifically developed for Phase IV clinical trials. Fully automated, real-time workflow from patient enrolment and e-PRO delivery right through to the data analysis and datasheet production, provides trial efficiency and scalability. MOD-MS employs an inbuilt library of e-questionnaires and can be further customised by the addition of new questionnaires to the Core system. Clinical trial sites interact with MOD-MS through a simple, intuitive site portal to enrol patients and optionally provide site-specific data through an integrated eCRF module.

Automated Features

Other MOD-MS features include automated virtual visit reminders by SMS and email; and platform-independent (smart phone or web) ePRO ensuring high patient retention. Behind the scenes the MOD-MS core automatically scores questionnaires in real time – as soon as they are completed – building a cumulative, pre-formatted datasheet that can be accessed instantly. MOD-MS can optionally deliver customised reports for individual study subjects back to participating clinical sites in real-time through the site portal.

MSS Support Services

Although a third party can operate MOD-MS, we offer optional support services including trial design, project management, Helpdesk provision and data management. Its state of the art web and interactive smart phone based architecture suits both pharmaceutical industry clinical trials and investigator-managed research studies.