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Tools and Information for Doctors & Patients

Bloodwatch provides doctors and patients with the information and tools they need to use to take charge of the treatment program and is one of the first clinical decision support systems to be used and tested in a clinical trial. Specifically designed to accompany the patient’s regular testing schedule, Bloodwatch provides a tailored monitoring schedule, flexible notification alerts and reminders. It maintains a continuous connection between the patient and their healthcare team through smartphone applications, SMS, voicemail and email, ensuring the most appropriate risk management strategies are enabled.

How Bloodwatch Works

When the patient begins treatment with alemtuzumab, the healthcare practitioner enrols the patient in Bloodwatch. Bloodwatch generates a personal monitoring schedule including routine notifications and appointment reminders for the tests required each month. Bloodwatch also receives a direct, real-time feed from the patient’s pathology laboratory and passes these results through algorithms that have been specially designed to implement the risk management plan for Lemtrada®. This activates a graded alert system according to the level of action required.

Alert System

If an abnormal pathology result for one of the identified alemtuzumab risks is detected an alert is sent to the patient’s smartphone with their doctor’s practice details and an action plan, determined by the Lemtrada® RMP/REMS. Similarly, the doctor receives a notification of the abnormality, details of the alert sent to the patient, along with the patient’s contact details so that the best risk management strategy can be quickly discussed and safety optimised. Alert fatigue is minimised as Bloodwatch only alerts identified risks for alemtuzumab and is completely customisable at the doctor, patient and even at the analyte level. An intuitive doctor and MS nurse portal facilitates customisation and, where appropriate, alert delegation.

Patient Reassurance

Bloodwatch provides patients with the reassurance that support is on hand and the peace of mind in knowing that any abnormal treatment results will immediately be acted upon. Bloodwatch was designed by physicians to increase efficiency and productivity, while providing a solid layer of defence against adverse patient outcomes.