Innovation Supporting Medicines

Medical Safety Systems / RxMx

Safety and Efficiency

The starting point in the creation of Medical Safety Systems/RxMx was our motivation to reengineer systems towards a much higher standard of safety and efficiency for the delivery of complex medicines.

Effective Medical Solutions

Generally, medicine has been slow to adopt systems innovations at the standard that would be routine for other safety-conscious industries, such as engineering or the airline industry. Coupled with this is the fact that for many illnesses, the most effective medicines are being held in reserve because they are burdensome to prescribe and monitor. Prescribers are aware that errors of omission are common, and that complex task lists are difficult to remember. Indeed, audits commonly show deficiencies in real world implementation in clinical practice. These factors underpin a natural reluctance to prescribe in favour of simpler but potentially less efficacious agents.

Automated Solutions

At Medical Safety Systems/RxMx we approach these challenges differently. The starting point in the development of our solutions is always a specific medicine and its approved Product Information (PI). Our physicians analyse the PI in collaboration with the Sponsor and identify potential key vulnerabilities in real world implementation. We then design a suite of automated solutions that act to maximise clinical efficiency supporting clinicians and patients. These solutions become a tailored clinical algorithm. The key difference to traditional medical risk management programs is that physicians themselves devise the Medical Safety Systems/RxMx platforms.

Creating a Treatment Platform

The result is the creation of a treatment platform that places the patient at the centre of the whole system. Patients are supported to attend pathology and automated actions associated with their treatment are implemented. The physician is also a vital part of the system receiving reports and alerts in the language of the PI, so they know exactly what they need to do.

A Layer of Defence

Medical Safety System/RxMx treatment platforms provide a second layer of defence once a patient enrols in a program. The system prompts and tracks patient pathology attendance to timely completion. Each laboratory result is processed through a tailor-made algorithm that enables real-time alerting of results of concern – alerts that are actionable, and carry with them instructions for the action envisaged by the approved risk management plan. .

Building a Community of Support

Medical Safety System/RxMx programs builds a community of support around the patient using web-enabled and smart phone technology. Patients nominate a delegate (partner or family member) who acts as back up support and also receives alerts. Most importantly, the physician has a delegate – a colleague or a registrar – to assist in implementing healthcare tasks. The result is that appointments are not missed and physicians can be confident their patient is being properly managed.

Engagement and Adherence

Existing Medical Safety Systems/RxMx programs demonstrate extraordinary success rate in engaging patients and physicians, achieving RMP adherence rates at levels perhaps never previously seen. All of this is achieved at greatly reduced, not increased, human resource demand.

We see Medical Safety Systems/RxMx programs as helping the medical world to catch up.